The comfort and safety of our clientele has always been of the utmost importance. For this reason, we are continuously working to expand our industry knowledge, establishing principal pillars to ensure high-end service delivery. Our security guards are meticulously screened, trained and evaluated which allows teams to successfully secure premises, monitor salient assets and protect personnel.

Our Guarding Division has been diligently upholding these principal pillars for decades. AET Security offers a 24-hour control room, regular inspections, quick response times, supervision as well as an ability to deploy staff at short notice. It has been the skill of our staff and the quality of our services that have established our reputation as unrivalled security professionals.


Alarm systems have become increasingly popular in residential homes, commercial properties as well as industrial spaces. Our staff of highly qualified personnel enables our clients to use their devices with ease. Our alarm monitoring services act as passive security assistance, essential in providing around-the-clock protection. 

From alarm installation to device tracking, our Monitoring & Armed Response division provides a variety of safety solutions such as armed response, 24hour control room, app-based panic button as well as key management solutions. Our experienced employees can provide industry-level security and response services, unparalleled in the field.


Over and above our physical protection services, this industry has made significant strides with regards to technology. Technology can be a powerful tool in the managing and monitoring of residential, commercial and industrial spaces. We believe in the importance of growth and expansion within our industry. It is this mindset coupled with exceptional services from dedicated employees that has propelled our business to this level.

This propulsion has seen AET Security utilising technology in order to offer the best possible protection systems available. Our Security Technology & Management division provides CCTV installation, CCTV monitoring, access control, app-based control, access control as well as risk management solutions


Personal protective services have become an essential in many industries. High-profile clientele and their respective groups will often require specialised and expert security personnel. Obtaining these security professionals ensures peace of mind in possibly high-risk scenarios. Moreover, ensuring the aforementioned professionals are of the highest quality and calibre is of equal importance.

Our Guarding & VIP Protection services have aligned with this growing demand for personal safety & security. This division, by virtue of our substantial experience in the security industry, is made up of specially trained, highly skilled and expert employees. AET Security provides armed and unarmed guarding services coupled with commercial, hospitality, residential and riot guarding.


Hosting functions and events can often be stressful. Included in the stress, possible threats and high-risk situations for staff, attendees, managers and various other event participants. Employing a professional security company is a worthwhile means of managing this potential risk. Event Security requires experience, expertise as well as careful preparation.

Our AET Security team consists of expert guards with significant experience under their belt. Our Event Security & Risk Management division provides a variety of specialised protection solutions to help manage your next event: event security, VIP protection & escorting, risk management, riot management, access control as well as onsite CCTV monitoring.

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